About Us

About us

Parish Protect is managed by Business Services at CAS Ltd, a subsidiary of Community Action Suffolk a charity who support the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE). We have been managing a Parish Council

insurance scheme for over 20 years, which means the experienced team have an excellent understanding of the challenges faced by Councillors and Clerks. 

About the Product

We understand Councils have a legal requirement to provide ‘best value’ ,

Parish Protect offers a specialist policy with great prices, developed to protect Parish Councils and the assets they are responsible for. 

A core set of covers is offered, designed to protect the basic requirements of any council, however we appreciate councils are all individual and we can tailor your policy to meet your needs.

We appreciate time is precious for Councillors and Clerks and contacting your insurer every time you buy a new asset is not effective use of your time. Parish Protect gives you the option of selecting a monetary banding to cover your assets such as street furniture, playground equipment, war memorials. 

As long as the value of your assets stays within the band limits you don’t need to advise us of any changes to your asset register.

We offer long term undertakings which allow Councils to budget for the coming years and we don’t charge admin fees.

The scheme is exclusive and the policy is Insurance Act compliant and in plain English.